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Hip Hop Humanism: Kenya, Nigeria & Nairobi

Hip Hop Humanism: Kenya, Nigeria & Nairobi

Hip hop humanism is proud to officially announced that it has expanded to the continent of Africa. Since earlier this year hip hop humanism has been expanding to Nigeria, Nairobi, and Kenya. Each effort has different efforts that it is concentrating on this time however the main goal is to spread love Humanity and music Across the world.

In Kenya our efforts are the Dawn of New Hope Children & Youth Program (

In Nairobi are efforts concentrate on providing sanitary items for the girls and women in need though the independent efforts of Linda Masinara as well as food supplies.

In Nigeria are efforts are currently covering the unfolding story of the citizens of Nigerias uprising against a government they call corrupt and cruel.

If you would like to donate towards any of these efforts or you would like more information, please contact:, subject AFRICA

Hip Hop Humanism

Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

Hip Hop Humanism Kenya