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Kenya: The Beginning

Kenya: The Beginning

Hip Hop Humanism is very honered to have expanded over to Africa.  The first connection we have made is with Kenya.  The people are strong, beautiful and talented.  Residing in Kenya we have three extrodinary people that bridge the gap between Kenya and America's "Hip Hop Humanism" brand. We have a stateside residing Kenyan who helps bring it all together.  Let us introduce you to them.

Nameless Angel

This beautiful heart is a very important part of her community.  She currently lives in Kenya. She assists with food relief efforts for the people in her area, from various supporters.  Hip Hop Humanism had the pleasure of working with her June 2020 for the first time.  She was able to assist many people who needed hot meals as well as food supplies.  She operates solely on the good hearts of overs.  She puts the hard work in, on ground with a smile and a kind, uplifting word.  We appreciate her very much.  If you are interested in donating for this cause, please contact, Subject line: FOOD RELIEF

Issac Danlope

This innovative and giving man, currently lives in Kenya.  He is a entrepreneurial and academically astute individual, with extensive cross industry experience.  One of the things that he is interested in is music. With his love of music, he invests in the youth as while sharpening his skills in the music industry at the same time. This will bring help to many. He believes in achieving the unreachable by means of "analysis and collaboration".  He was the perfect pick for the Kenyan Liaison for Hip Hop Humanism. His drive and care for others make him an easy leader in getting Kenya's artist and people seen and heard.  We hope to assist him more with his interest in music and investment in the youth in the upcoming years.


Millioneal Academy

Edgar Muchera

Trained in Mathematics and Physics, Edgar Muchera, also known as Qollonyyy, is a teacher and has been an instructor for the last 7 years. He is a music artist and has loved Hip since he was in kindergarten. "I grew up listening to Kriss Kross, LL Cool J., Coolio, The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac to name a few". There is no doubt why Qollonyyy has a love of Hip Hop and his music shows it.  Along with creating music he also draws, does graffiti, does poetry and loves the arts.  One of his biggest passions is guiding and counseling young adults in his area.  We rest assured that with this spirit and drive, Hip Hop Humanism Kenya will become successful



Alice Munyua

Currently an American resident and is the American Liason for Hip Hop Humanism Kenya.  She helped to spearhead this venture by providing us with key personnel that became a part of the initial team.  Along with bringing people together, she also specializes in the prevention of infectious diseases. She is a published author of 4 books and more can be found on  She has studied in Nursing and can advise on mental health as well as physical and spiritual health. She does many videos on health and wellness.  She is a project manager in her own right, given her ability to bring together a team that can get jobs done. She was a major factor in the conception of Hip Hop Humanism Kenya



Nothing happens by accident.  We appreciate the thing that have been brought together and we will do our best to put what we have together to help others that need it.  As time pass we hope to not only collaborate on music, but we hope to begin to build programs in Kenya that will help its people through the youth.  We hope also to continue the food relief efforts and we pray that it grows to help as many people as we can. Jay Rene, which is one of the founders along with Dana Dane, of Hip Hop Humanism, will be the lead in this partnership of love and prosperity.

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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