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Back to school, or Not

I received yet another email indicating that 4 of the schools that were sent back to in-person learning last week have been shuffled back to remote learning this week. For one day. This is concerning to me, on so many levels! Our elected school board officials have allowed a few, very boisterous parents to bully them into sending our children back into the brick and mortar environment and yet they can't keep staff healthy enough to keep the buildings open day to day. I believe schools should have continued with the virtual learning environment until COVID is actually reducing, not continuing to spawn new variants and reinfecting people over and over. Our children need stability. And not just at home! The Urban Institute states that "Changes in schools, particularly during the academic year, can impede children’s academic progress and de-crease social competence." (Low-income Working Families Worksheet - Sept, 2013) Yet, our government allowed the minority to come in, take over school board meetings and essentially force the hand of those elected to represent us and our children. This is dangerous! I don't want to imagine another pandemic, or worse, COVID going crazy and mutating with vengeance, but I'd love to have peace of mind that those in charge would protect our children above all else. Unfortunately, we have now been shown clear as day, that the almighty dollar will always prevail! Even at the cost of our babies! It is time to start holding our government, in particular our elected officials, accountable for the decisions making that unnecessarily puts our children in danger. Our kids cannot fight for themselves, it is on each and every one of us as parents to take this stand for them! The far-right bullied officials into risking our kids so they could have their daytime hours free for whatever they do during those times, I say it's time we stood in direct opposition of them! Go to the school board meetings and speak in opposition of the madness. Let our elected officials know that even in the face of pure insanity, we have their backs and will stand up for the health and safety of our babies.

How about you? Did your children's district return to in-person learning during the school board takeovers this past summer? Did your elected officials stand their ground and allow schools to continue virtual learning? Let me know how you feel, one way or the other!

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