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Carney Reactivates State of Emergency

Starting January 3rd, 2022 Governor John Carney has reactivated the State of Emergency for Delaware "until further notice." With this reactivation though, we will only see National Guard deployments to assist in testing and administering booster shots to individuals across the state. There will be no mask mandates with this SOE or occupancy limits, etc. 

In Delaware, it has become common place to spend hours standing in line waiting to receive a test. These hours are spent in line with hundreds of others, who are also worried about potentially being sick, with no social distancing taking place. In the original spike of this pandemic, Delaware saw mobile drive-thru testing sites that were able to accommodate hundreds of tests per hour. With walk-in testing, they are able to process less than half that amount, while testing itself has grown to almost 125% what it was during the drive-thru sites. Carney had no response when asked why these sites have still not been reopened and suggested that it was something that could be visited if necessary down the road.

I believe it is necessary and should be revisited now. As Delaware has seen an almost 50% increase in positive cases over the last month, the time is now to limit social interactions again, especially while waiting to take a test to see if you are already sick. If you are looking to pre-schedule your test, you can make an appointment, most places have appointments open somewhere between the 13th and the 30th of January, that's right, don't feel comfortable standing in line you will have to wait a few weeks to take a test! If you want a booster shot, you are looking at the same time frame! I wonder what it's going to take for Delaware to get it together. I'd say, hopefully full hospitals aren't what it takes to wake our Governor up, but our hospitals are already reporting their beds at 100+%!

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