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Check on your activists

I haven't been writing much. I haven't been communicating much in any way. I've completely disappeared from all socials for almost a week now.

I almost didn't make it, I'm keeping it a bean right now.

Funny thing is, not one person checked on me. Not one person reached out to see if I'm good. Not one person asked if maybe I needed help.

Why do we do this?? Why do we expect our Freedom Fighters to be robots who have no human emotions and feelings? How do we change this? This past week has made me realize that ALL activists really are superheroes. They are out here absolutely destroying their own mental health for whatever their cause is with not one safe guard put up around them and we have got to be those safe guards for them. I haven't returned to socials yet, I still haven't texted or called a single person in almost a week. But I know whenever I do come back, I will be making it a point to do at least a weekly check in with every single person on my team. And I'm going to start asking my team to be that way with everyone involved. Because nobody deserves to go through hell alone, especially not our community of activists!

Be kind, be caring, take care of self, but above all else, keep one another close, because nobody in power cares about us. WE have to care about, love and protect each other!

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