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The Machine is a diverse Hip Hop Album by Don Gramur that features raw lyricism, catchy vocals, and stylistically unique choruses.




Just days before the third Donda event is set to take place, Don Gramur releases his newest project titled, “The Machine”, that takes listeners on a journey of Don’s experiences of self and the world around him. This hot new hip hop album follows up the two break out singles, Dream Killa and Robotic Spasm, released earlier in 2021.


The artwork on The Machine resembles the look of a book cover, which Don Gramur says, “It’s fitting for the overall tone of my project. My album starts with a prologue, similar to literary works, and this prologue introduces the whole reason behind the album.”


With the release of Kanye’s Donda and rumors of a new Kendrick Lamar album on the way, Don Gramur remains confident that his hot new hip hop project can stand against any album on a talent level. Songs like Who Am I and Loved One boaster diverse lyrical and vocal styles, while easily grabbing the attention of listeners.


The album has 16 total tracks and is a mixture of storytelling, punchline rap, book dialogue, unique vocals, and uplifting chants. Don Gramur wrote, recorded, and mix engineered the full album in his apartment. Musicians who are familiar with the recording process can attest to how challenging this can be. However, the hip hop artist was successful and delivered a high quality project.


Growing up in Louisiana and Georgia may have contributed to the uniqueness of the artist’s style. Hot New Hip Hop artist Don Gramur started developing his craft around the age of 14 and continues to reach new heights every day. As a brother of 5 siblings, he believes that he has to be an example of overcoming the struggle that they had to face in life.


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About Don Gramur


Don Gramur is a Hip Hop and R&B artist that can be streamed on major platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Apple Music, ITunes, and many more. Follow his social media profiles below and check out his latest music videos to stay in tune with the latest from Don Gramur.


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