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“Make A Change” - G Quick ft. T-Rell

East Moline, IL artist Gary Quick, who goes by the artist name G Quick, has been expressing his life through his music for a while now. His latest single, “Make A Change” ft. T-Rell is probably one of the best expressions to date.The track starts with a smooth piano riff, letting us know this is going to be a deep expression of self-reflection, while keeping us sonically invested. When the beat drops, we’re greeted by a hook from Topeka, Kansas native T-Rell, who never disappoints when it comes to his melodies, and drives the purpose of the song home with lines like “I had to be a bigger man, I’m so apologetic, I’m not afraid to say I’m sorry, gotta show love to those that love me” We’re then greeted by G Quick, who opens up with “I’m not scared to say I’m sorry if I’m in the wrong, let’s just put it in the past so we can move on” for the next few minutes we get a number of inspirational bars letting us know that no matter what circumstances or situations life has put you in, it’s never too late to make up for any missteps or wrong doings of the past.Not only are the deeds of the past the reason for change, we hear G Quick’s vision of the future being his motivation as well, as he speaks on improving mental and physical health, continuing to strengthen the relationships has with his children and family, and developing himself as an artist in the music business.Insightful and inspirational, “Make A Change” is definitely a solid track from G Quick, who is definitely someone to look for in the future.Instagram - - - - - Music -

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