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Jotty Drops Meaningful Ep with "Lee'Salle Living"



Jaheim Shepard (Jotty) Born and raised in Louisville Kentucky 

I am the middle child I have five siblings one sister and four brothers I’ve always loved music and wanted to express myself to the world I always knew i had a message but I started taking it more serious 2017 when my second oldest brother passed away he always motivated me told me I was gonna make it and take care of the family so even though he is gone I hold that in my heart and let it be the extra push I need to get threw whatever my current situation is my father & mother is originally from Chicago Illinois my mother moved to Louisville While pregnant with me for a better life she didn’t want her kids to have to grow up in the same type environment she did but we see you cant escape what life and god wants to put on you but that doesn’t mean doubt the man above that just means you gotta go harder to prove why you deserve to be where your pushing to be I grew up very active my first love was football but then I met my neighbor best friend and made me love the game of basketball since then I been on every school basketball team I attend I always was a grinder and wanted money been a flashy guy wanted the finer things cause I was always was around a lot of people who already had it so I felt like I always had to play catch up when really I’ve always been ahead I just had to realize my Ep I have dropping Lee’Salle Living on August 21 is about my struggles and a little of my story and what I’ve been threw while paying homage to my brother and my city by naming it Lee’Salle living “Lee” is my deceased brother name and “salle” is one of the streets i grow up on so with that influence I came up with those beautiful body’s of work hope y’all enjoy more to come ....


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