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An article was published by a local media company congratulating the 101st Wilmington Police Department academy. Included in this article was a quote from Mayor Mike Purzycki “You have chosen to be police officers during a time of social turmoil in our society. Americans on the left and the right are pushing back against authority and that includes law enforcement."

This statement does nothing more than further divide our communities and dismiss the dire need for police reform in Wilmington.

It is crucial that we acknowledge the issues of policing in its current state and it is disheartening to see the Mayor and Chief of Police continue to refuse to do so. Multiple agencies from outside of Delaware have compiled reports and recommendations on how to improve community-police relations in Wilmington and yet, no actions have been taken to work towards these improvements. With statements like that of Mayor Purzyckis, it is clearly evident that we have elected officials in place that cannot work towards improvements for our communities as they perceive any attempts to do so as an attack on authority. Our city and our neighbors deserve better. We deserve to have Elected Officials in place that can accept constructive criticism and use it to help make things better.

A 14-year-old was shot and killed while the Mayor made this statement and that should not be ignored.

A Mayor who refuses to speak about the violence and killings taking place in his city has no place as Mayor at all.

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