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Racism in 2017

What a month May has been.  It has been a great month and we can only hope for more.  I am doing what I do, which is traveling.  In my travels I am still working.  Working with positive artist and trying to get their names and their crafts out there.  While doing this, I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I wanted to address a video that I have saw this month, which put me in the middle of my first "Twitter battle" which was interesting.  The video takes place on either a bus or a train.  It is a confrontation between a white male and a black female.  In this video the white male calls the black female a "nigger" and after this, she stomps on him for a few minutes.  Stomping on his back, kicking him in the face, and where ever else her feet landed.

This video has had mixed reviews.  Everyone is picking a side.  I commented on this video, which is something new, but I was so disgusted with the behavior, being human, I left a comment.  My comment was along the lines of it is a shame that we often forget our common link of being human.  This set a few people off.  Many people were justifying the violence, because the male called the female a "nigger".  As a Humanist, I cannot advocate violence and I never will.  I can understand how the term "nigger" could upset someone, and even I must admit in my younger years, when I was foolish, I may have reacted in a violent or untactful manner.  However, when you know better, you do better.  However, that experience, that whole thing, made me start to think about how racism is effecting our younger generation.

Most of those who decided to "give me a piece" of their mind were in their 20's.  It made me realize that they do see racism, understand it and that some of them feel that violence is the only way to gain respect or dissolve racism.  This made me sad.  In my opinion it has been proven that violence is not the answer.  If it was, racism would not exist.  If you could back hand every racist and they in turn had a change of heart, we would have been using this technique successfully for years and we would not have our current race relation issues.  So violence is not the answer, but neither is silence.  We adult must use our platforms to promote change.  It is not only right, but it is self-preserving.

Many of us have forgotten that we are all human.  We are not animals.  We have the intellect to solve problems.  We don't need to resort to our fist or resort to cave man practices.  A change in this world is at our fingertips, on the tip of our tongues, it is in our hearts and in our minds.  We must just come together.  Racism is often accepted in different ways.  Some people say nothing.  Racist feel too comfortable, because no one is saying anything about their behavior.  They need to be called out, they need to not feel like it’s OK.  One could argue that if a racist felt he would be "stomped" every time he practices racism, that racists would get in line, but that doesn't destroy the hate, most likely it makes it burn hotter.  So if silence is not the answer, if violence is not the answer, what is or what are the answers?

Depending who you ask, will determine the answer to that question.  However, what I do believe is that VIOLENCE will fix nothing. Simply starting we need to invest in our children.  Since us adults can't seem to get it together, we get a bit of a "restart" in moral society through our children.  Teach them better.  We need to be mindful of what we teach them and hold other adults accountable for their behavior when dealing with our children.  They are a precious resource and we need to treat them as such.  They will benefit, we shall benefit and mankind will continue to benefit.  WE can shape our future, with what we do presently.  This is my opinion on the matter.  #wearehumanfirst #iamhuman #violenceisnottheanswer

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