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Reparations...still waiting.

Submitted on the behalf of some black voices. Let our voices be in unison.

Dear Mr. President, Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but he did not free the nation of slavery. How could he when the Constitution itself says Blacks are 3/5 of a human being and the 13th Amendment allows slavery to this day. So slavery has not been abolished, it has only been modified. This country owes its Black sons and daughters an apology. This country owes itself closure. America is the greatest country in the world, and it is precisely because of this greatness that it can humble itself, look Black America in the eye and say, "I am sorry". Mr. President we are asking you to deliver this apology for slavery. Not as a black man or as an African American, but as President of the United States. We are asking you to stand before the country and say: "On behalf of this government, I Barack Obama firmly apologize for this governments moral, financial, political and legal support of the institution of slavery". If you do not do this, you turn your back on what is right and not only will you completely damage your legacy in the eyes of the urban community, but you will squander America's last chance to finally free us all. Mr. President, its time to apologize. It is time for reparations now. Signed, The Souls of Black Folks

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