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Stop Doubting Yourself

Happy Monday everyone! My message this week will be a little different than the usual, but one I thought needed to be shared. I hope this resonates for someone today!

I began a journey, a long time ago, to accept and embrace a gift I've long known I had. I grew up in a very strict religious household and left the church at 18 when I became pregnant out of wedlock and was able to see the church in a very different light. Almost overnight, I began seeing and feeling things that I had seen or felt long before but had always ignored, thinking they were the devil because well that's what you're taught in church! I went with a friend to have her tarot read and the reader stopped us as we were walking in the door and told me this: Dear, you have got to accept and practice the gifts you've been given, you have a well-defined purpose here and your gifts play into that. You need to open up. Me being me, I ignored her. Actually, I thought she was bat-shit crazy, but the message always stuck. A few years later, I was home after delivering my 3rd child and had a complete stranger knock on my door. She said she was called to the young mother in the house and then stated almost exactly, word for word, what the tarot reader stated years before. I still ignored it. But then, 6 years ago, I was gifted a tarot deck. I still to this day have no idea who gifted me this deck, I just found it sitting, wrapped in lace with a lavender bud placed inside my mailbox. With my name on it. Last year, I began using those cards. The last few months I have really taken a deep dive into the arts and have learned alot. So I decided I would practice with some friends and see how things went. Well, my friends kept speaking to how spot on these readings were and telling me the same, I have a true gift and it's time to start using it. I have been out of work since COVID hit and with losing unemployment in September and struggling to find a new position, my finances have been in shambles. I never felt called to charge anyone for a reading, but about 3 weeks ago I had a dream and was very specifically told, this gift was given to you to help others but also to help yourself, share your gifts now! So I made a post. I took alot of crap for posting about my readings. I was told that it's not right to 'scam' people out of their own hard-earned money. So I once again retreated to doubting myself, my messages and my gifts. Last night, I received a message from someone I haven't seen or spoken to in over a decade. They requested an overall reading. They told me from the gate they didn't really believe in this art, but they thought it would be fun to do since it was Halloween. I did the reading and was told it was so spot-on the client was in tears and shaking. They didn't understand how I was hitting on specifics that they had told no one at that point! As a result, they requested a more in-depth, detailed reading. That reading was also, in their words, spot-on and had changed their mind completely about tarot. They asked if they could schedule a standing appointment with me monthly! And their $20 allowed me to put the gas into my car that I needed to complete I9 requirements today to begin a new job! 

I want us all to start believing in ourselves! I want us all to start trusting ourselves! We know what gifts we possess and despite the haters, we all have to learn to embrace those gifts! We are all called to do what the universe wants us to do. Will you answer the call? Will you believe in yourself? Will you release your self-doubts with me today?

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