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The Different Types of Humanism

So there are different types of Humanist, but usually you won't know this unless you do some research.  In my opinion the fact that there can be different types of Humanist should not be a debate.  If it is, in my opinion it goes against what Humanism is all about.  I will explain.  But first let me tell you about the different types of Humanist.

According to there are many forms of Humanism and they are "include cultural humanism, literary humanism, Christian humanism, religious humanism, and secular humanism." (  Now let us discuss briefly the different type of humanism.

Cultural Humanism: According to an article by Austin Cline he states "Cultural Humanism is used to refer to cultural traditions which, originating in ancient Greece and Rome, evolved through European history and have come to be a fundamental basis of Western culture. Aspects of this tradition include law, literature, philosophy, politics, science, and more"(Cline, 2017)

Literary Humanism:  In this same article by Cline, he says that literary humanism is an aspect of cultural humanism. He goes on to say "ways in which literature can help people through introspection and personal development. It was at times elitist in its outlook and even opposed to the use of science in developing a better understanding of humanity" (Cline, 2017).

Christian Humanism: The website describes Christian Humanism as "was a Renaissance movement that combined a revived interest in the nature of humanity with the Christian faith. It impacted art, changed the focus of religious scholarship, shaped personal spirituality, and helped encourage the Protestant Reformation" (, 2017). In an article by John Shook, he says that Christian Humanism is based on humans loving other humans because God loves us. He also states that the Christian Humanist respects the minds and dignity of other humans based on this reason.

Religious Humanism: Religious Humanist believe in God, however they put humanism first religion second.  They believe that humans have a moral and ethical responsibility to do right by each other. It also seems that most Religious Humanist feel that religion is not worthy of their attention, well not all, but most. They feel if they are religious its because religion is worthy of them.  They do not feel they must be religious.  Christian Humanist feel that religious humanism is secular humanism (Shook, 2009).

Secular Humanism:  In this same article by Shook he describes secular humanism as follows:  "Secular humanism leaves all divinity and religion out of humanism entirely. Judging that religions are unworthy , and uninterested in spiritual enlightenment, this secular humanism grounds the humanist life and its ethical principles on reason alone" (Shook, 2009).

There are said to be other forms of humanism but I just named the ones I feel are the majority used. As I wrote this article I tried to see where I myself fit in and then I said to myself "maybe I fit into Hip Hop Humanism.  What do I mean?  There are different types of humanism who is to say that HIp Hop Humanism isn't our own type.  As our own I mean those who embrace Hip Hop with love and open arms regardless of color or creed.  Hip hop can bring people together who would may have never even talked to each other without its existence.  People of all languages can sing their favorite Hip Hop song together. So what do I identify as? As for now I am going to pick Hip Hop Humanist.  What are you thoughts about the different types of humanism?  Feel free to respond.  I am waiting...

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  • I personally refer to myself as a Christian Humanist. The best quote I found on how I feel is this " Christian Humanism is the belief that human freedom, individual conscience, and rational inquiry are not only compatible with Christianity, they are fundamental to a proper understanding and interpretation of Christian belief". This quote was created by a man named G. Broadhurst in an article that I can't remember the name of. I think that God wants us to be humanist. He wants us to take care of each other, be good to each other and he wants us to use the tools in the universe to do so. We are pretty much instructed to be humanist. At least this is my opinion. For those who don't believe in God and are humanist anyway, that is fine, but you are still trying to do what God instructed, whether you believe He exist or not, those of us who do believe in Him, feel like to be humanist is his will. However, we are not to leave him out like some of the humanist types listed here. at least that is what I think personally. J Rene
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