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Don Gramur is a Hot New Hip Hop and R&B artist that’s known for dropping singles. This year, he will be dropping an album that he’s noted as a literary masterpiece.



When artists drop singles, it helps bring buzz and loyal lifelong fans. As important as singles are, releasing an album is an important step for musicians who seek to solidify their legacies in the music industry. After dropping 15 singles in 2020, the year of the pandemic, Don Gramur is getting ready to release a powerful project that will astonish his new and old supporters.


With songs like Dream Killa and Robotic Spasm, Don Gramur entertained his listeners with incredible lyricism and stylistically unique vocal melodies. The artist released the two songs as his first singles to introduce his hot new hip hop project that is dropping this year, The Machine. This album will be his first full project, following a 5 song EP and 15 singles in 2020.


According to the versatile musician, “The Machine will have a literary undertone and speak to the masses. Listeners will get lots of lyricism, storytelling, imagery, and thrills when they hear these new joints. With this album, I didn’t try to be different. I just focused on being who I was in the moment while I was writing. This is my best work overall. I also engineered the recording, mixing, and mastering in my own home.”


Growing up in Louisiana and Georgia may have contributed to the uniqueness of the artist’s style. Hot New Hip Hop artist Don Gramur started developing his craft around the age of 14 and continues to reach new heights every day. As a brother of 5 siblings, he believes that he has to be an example of overcoming the struggle that they had to face in life.


Don Gramur is a Hip Hop and R&B artist that can be streamed on major platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Apple Music, ITunes, and many more. Follow his social media profiles below and check out his latest music videos to stay in tune with the latest from Don Gramur.


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