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Which one is it?

Whenever police officials are questioned about low solve rates etc they blame the community. It's always the fault of community members not "doing enough" or not "speaking up" or basically people not snitching. So it's the communities fault the cops can't do their jobs, but when the community says here let us help you out with an official board to help handle complaints for you and ensure you have a force of people capable of doing said jobs, thats not okay, the community can't be trusted and has no idea what they're talking about. So which one is it?!?! Do you need the community to do your jobs or do you not?! Let's get real, the cops can't solve a crime! The only time a crime is solved is when there is video evidence or a snitch comes forward with the details. Period. There is no longer a place for cops in this world as long as they maintain an "us vs them" approach!

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