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July 14th 2022 saw New Castle County Police Officer Michael Carnevale plead guilty to offensive touching. Many cheered the criminal liability. Many skipped over what I feel to be a very important line from his former employers when announcing his guilt. This line reads "Mr Carnevale retired in October 2021, while under investigation and prior to his indictment." This statement means that the now decertified former officer will be collecting pension and benefits for life, at the cost of tax payer money! 


First, let's examine WHY Michael Carnevale found himself in legal hot water. In August 2021, Michael Carnevale arrested a 16 year old female. While attempting to place this child in a holding cell, the child fought her placement by firmly planting her bare feet against the sides of the door jam. Michael Carnevale, as you can see in the now released video, became increasingly frustrated with the minors actions. Because of his frustration, he then began to DRAG this HANDCUFFED TEENAGER across the concrete floor of the holding facility. While dragging this child across the floor, Carnevale requested assistance from other nearby officers. When the officers approached and saw what Carnevale was doing to the child, they refused to aid him in his attempts to subdue her. Instead, they later reported him to superiors and an investigation was launched afterward. Notice, I said they reported him afterward. There were no attempts to STOP his violent assault on this minor.


Secindly, let's look at what this means for this scum bag. Michael Carnevale pled guilty to offensive touching. OT in Delaware is an UNCLASSIFIED misdemeanor. Per Delaware Title 11, Chapter 5 subchapter 2, subsection 601, paragraph A1 offensive touching is classified as any indivual who intentionally touches another person either with a member of his or her body or with any instrument, knowing that the person is thereby likely to cause offense or alarm to such other person. An unclassified misdemeanor is punishable in Delaware by UP TO 30 days in jail AND/OR a $575 fine. This Officer received a $300 fine and agreed to never seek out employment as a law enforcement officer again. (He doesn't HAVE TO, he will be paid on our dime for the rest of his life, please keep this in mind)


As someone who fights, HARD, for Police reforms in Delaware, this disgusts me! This tells us that even IF an officer is found guilty of a CRIME, they will still get to live the rest of their lives free of punishment AND paid by the People.


This cannot stand! I personally reached out to a high ranking authority figure in our state, who would be the likely MOST informed of any officers employment, investigations and subsequent terminations of employment and that person told me "that is false. He (Carnevale) quit. If someone quits in the middle of an investigation there isn't much we can do."


Police Officers have ZERO accountability in the State of Delaware and will continue to do WHATEVER they feel like, especially now that they KNOW, without any doubt, they will face no repercussions for their actions. This sets a TERRIFYING precedent here and across the Nation. 


I am calling for EVERYONE to contact ALL Delaware legislators about this issue. Tell them we DEMAND that officers who are under active investigation not be allowed to retire OR quit! Demand with us that any officer found guilty (by plea or by jury) be immediately disqualified from all current and future State benefits. Demand with us REAL accountability for Officers who behave in a criminal manner. Time to hold the THUGS accountable for real and hit them the ONLY place it hurts, their wallets!

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