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Andrew J. Katz - Artist of the Week

Do you know who Andrew John Katz is?  If not, get ready for your introduction.  Andrew Katz is a talented visual artist, a graphic designer, teacher, visual thinker and music lover.  We first noticed Andrew on Twitter.  Dozens of his Hip Hop art was flooding it and we could not ignore his talent or his love of Hip Hop.  Though it was the Hip Hop art images that caught our eyes, he isn’t limited to just Hip Hop art.  He does nautical art, crabscapes and even athletes.  His artwork is so extraordinary that he is catching the eyes of many big names in the Hip Hop community.  With his extreme talent and skill, he has captured the likeness of Nas, Naughty by Nature, LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, Ice T, Common, Lord Finesse, EPMD, Mos Def and many more.  You can tell that he takes pride in his craft.  Each piece of artwork captures realism at its best.  His use of colors and materials makes his art stand out among his peers.

Not only is he a great artist, he is also an advocate against hate and discrimination.  We believe that his art is special because it has the ability to bring all types of people together to enjoy it.  We believe that his art can build bridges and tear down walls. No matter what music you like or where you are from, it cannot be denied that Andrew’s work is phenomenal.  You will be seeing more of him as he continues to create his artwork.  For more visual delight from this artist be sure to check out his website at:  You can also connect with him on Twitter and Snapchat at @ajkatzart.  You can also find him on Facebook at: Katz Art.  You will be impressed.  Be sure to look out for his Skype interview so he can tell us more about himself and his craft.  Please check out some of his incredible art below and at these links:  20160730_083913.jpeg 20160818_161039.jpeg 20161021_235100.jpeg IMG_-7yyxkp.jpeg IMG_20151230_062546.jpeg IMG_20151012_110446.jpeg

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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