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Andrew J. Katz - The Art of Storytelling

Along with being a phenomenal artist, hip hop lover and graphic designer, Andrew J. Katz is also a writer with interesting topics, such as meeting many Hip Hop Legends.  As we read different articles by him, we wonder why he doesn’t include writer when he describes himself.  Andrew Katz definitely has had some adventures worth remembering and sharing.  He has had the opportunity on more than one occasion to meet the people he creates in his art.  His stories are worth reading just as much as his art is worth admiring.  If you missed them, check out his life snippets that have fly words, super fly pictures and fly stories…all that is missing is a beat.

As you read his stories you will feel the pulse of the moment.  You will be able to see yourself as you read his real life accounts of his incredible opportunities to meet the artist that most, if not all of us in the Hip Hop Community have admired or idolized for years.  Check out some of his articles that can be found on his blog at and on   The title of these adventures are called ‘“THIS MIGHT NOT WORK’” The Art Adventures and Endeavors of Andrew J. Katz.” If you love Hip Hop, you will love these snippets out of them.  Discover the stories that come with these amazing pieces of art.


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Jay Rene @thejayrene

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