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Artist Alert - LGP_Qua

Artist Alert - LGP_Qua

We have been seeing LGP_Qua's face more and more over the past few months.  As soon as you hear the beat drop and his voice begin, you will know exactly why he is the buzz.  To be so young and have the ability to not only compete lyrically with the old heads, but he is spitting a message that is lost on many his age.  He is definitely a bright light in the darkness.  He is from Philly and you can pick that up in his technique and flow. 

His style goes to show that Hip Hop is very much alive within his age group and that there are those who appreciate it in his peer group.  He is far from a mumble rapper, but he is very much a conscious artist and we can do nothing but tip our hat to LGP_Qua.  He has been on Power 99 where he sat with Cosmic Kev and kicked a freestyle live on the air. He even did a homage peace to Chuck D, over "Fight The Power" beat, where he talks about what can be done as a people to save ourselves from the black holes that life can create, such as prison, drug use and disease. 

Keep your eye open for this one.  He will no doubt be one of the forces that keeps Hip Hop alive among his peers and those that follow them.  Many old heads are calling him “Hip Hop”, and that says a lot, since many young artist today are not accepted by the older Hip Hop lovers.  We see you LGP_Qua, stay true to what you are doing!

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Jay Rene @thejayrene

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