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Artist of the Week - Dan Lish

Artist of the Week - Dan Lish

Dan Lish is one of those artists who art you have to zoom into, to capture the full experience of it.  OF course it is a delight, from afar, but once you look closer you see all the details that were used to create the big picture.  His diligence and attention to detail are easily seen in each and every piece that he has created.  The fact that he has a following is no surprise, let us show those of you who don’t know Dan Lish, why you should be paying attention to this incredible ‘freelance illustrator and graphic novelist’.

Dan Lish has been drawing since the age of four.  He started simply enough, drawing whales with pencil.  When his parents realized that he had an interest in art, they made sure that they encouraged him to pursue it.  His father took extreme interest and began to give him supplies so he could work on his craft.  Starting early and being encouraged to practice, has definitely paid off.  This goes to show that if we encourage our children to pursue the positive things they are into, that it will pay off in the end for them and for the world around them.

Dan Lish first fell in love with Hip Hop around 1983.  This love paved the road to ‘Egostrip’ which is a “series of illustrations based on Hip Hop creators, artists, legends and individuals” (, 2017) that have been Dan’s inspiration.  When you view his art, you can tell immediately that his art is definitely inspired.  He has created art of Rahkim, Pete Rock, Guru, Q-Tip, DJ Premier and many more.  Some artwork is inspired by a lyric or a song and others are inspired by what the artist Dan is capturing, is into or what they embodied.  Whichever way he chooses to portray the artist on the canvas, you can feel it and it touches more than one of your senses.  His art is one to be studied so you can capture every detail.

As a multi-disciplined artist, he has been involved in many projects over the last 25 years.  He has worked with Sony, Rockstar Games, Lucas Arts, Activisions, and many others (, 2017).  He has even had the opportunity of creating toys and comic book illustrations. When we asked which was his favorite piece of art that he has created, he says “I have not got a specific piece, as the process is more important for me as an artist’s” (HHH, 2017).  His passion is why his art is so good.  It isn’t just about making something; it’s about capturing this story of the artist while expressing his story as the creator.  We thank you Dan for sharing these “processes” with the world.

When we asked Dan why he creates art, he says “it’s out of divine nature to create.  I create because it heals, puts me in a good space.  I’m giving back to the universe” (HHH, 2017).  Indeed, he is.  The creation of art, in any way does give back to the universe.  It also stimulates conversations, and ideas.  It can inspire others and forces us to think.  Art in every form is very important to life.  With artist like Dan and other talents like him, we can make the world a better place one creation at a time.  Art like this and the music that inspires them must be preserved and passed down to the generations.

Be sure to be looking for the exclusive article on our website that Hip Hop Humanism had the pleasure of conducting with Dan.  Definitely something you do not want to miss.  To view his amazing art and to learn more about Dan, check out the links below.


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