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Artist of the Week - Eugene Hero

Artist of the Week - Eugene Hero

Eugene Hero is an American artist who is from Wilmington DE.  This city is no stranger to crime and with the constant police activity, drugs and violence, a young man mind find himself stuck “in a rut” when it comes to choosing options for what to do with his time.  Eugene decided a long time ago to be different than those around him that chose trouble as a pass-time.  He decided to focus on art and it has paid off for him.  Read with us while we tell you a little more about Eugene Hero and his artistry.

Eugene is not only a canvas creator; he also does fashion design.  From T-shirts to sneakers to women’s heeled shoes, Eugene is able to put some personal flare on these items.  Hip Hop and fashion have always been hand and hand.  We were first introduced to Eugene when a group of us were having a discussion about painters.  His name was then brought up and the person giving his praises had a lot of pictures to back up all claims.  We were immediately impressed.

We got to enjoy his fashion art first, but were lucky enough to get to view more kinds of art he had created.  He also has created many canvas pieces and some of them are hanging in different popular places around Wilmington DE.  When discussing his craft and why it is, he says this “I perceive color as the foundation of life, intertwining vibrancy in all of my works. My perspective allows me to bring familiar objects such as vases, mirrors, shoes, clothing, skateboards and of course canvases to life in a unique and inspiring way.  Life inspires me. The things I see around me fuels my creative energy. Also just seeing how people relate to my artwork inspires me to more and try different things” (Hero, n.d.).  Art is definitely something that everyone from different backgrounds can appreciate and Eugene is happy to oblige.

Eugene is going against the grain and for it the world will benefit.  Creating art in place of creating problems will always reign supreme.  With violence all around him, Eugene still finds a way to create beauty and something that can take us away, if only for just a moment.  Be sure to watch this week for more artwork from Eugene, as well as an exclusive Hip Hop Humanism interview were we will find out more about the man, artist and fashion designer.


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