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Artist of the Week - Eugene Hero: The Dream Achiever

So our first article on Eugene Hero talked about some of his canvas work as well as his on fabric artistry but Mr. Hero has definitely been at work with his craft and is doing even more currently.  His current company is called the “Eugene Hero Art Company” and in this expression of self, he is making items for our homes.  Eugene can be a good example of following our dreams and achieving them. 

Catching up with Eugene Hero is not an easy task.  However, it is understood, because he is a busy man.  Being a family man, we understand that family comes first.  When we could finally get Eugene to slow down, he granted us with an interview on a few questions that we were wondering.  Here is how it went:

HHH:  Eugene you definitely do not stand still long.  We appreciate the fact that you can do this interview with us.  Let us jump right in.

HHH:  When did you realize that art was something that you were interested in?

Hero: “I realized that art was something I was interested in at the age of eight.  My step father introduced me to tracing comic books and the rest is history”.

HHH:  We know that you have done fashion art in the past and various canvas art as well.  What type of art are you currently working on?

Hero: “Currently I am putting together a series of art work for a home goods product line”.

HHH:  Nice.  Congratulations.  You currently live in Wilmington.  Wilmington’s crime rate is outrageous.  Many get swept into “the hype” here and become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.  How did you keep yourself away from all that negativity, especially growing up?

Hero: “My art played a big part in keeping me away from the streets at a young age.  Also having a strong push from my mom to really pursue my talent”.

HHH:  Definitely got to love mom.  We know you are a family man.  So the care of children and their well-being has to be on the top of your mind.  What are some of your hopes for the children of the future, for your own children?

Hero: “I hope that the children of now and of the future realize they can reach their highest potential, if they just put in the work”

HHH:    Definitely can agree with you there.  That and opportunities.  What are some of your hopes for the future when it comes to your art work?  Will you ever do fashion again?

Hero:  Hopefully in the near future I will be doing art full time.  One day I might return to the fashion illustration and design.

HHH:  Well I am hoping for some custom made “Eugene Hero” shoes one day, so I will keep my hopes.  What is something that you want the world to know?

Hero:  I want the world to know that dreams come true.  Never stop dreaming.  Eugene Hero home collection will be dropping soon. 

Dreams indeed can come true.  Eugene dreams of art began at eight and he has done so much since then.  We must agree with him about dreams.  Dreams are the same things as goals, just a different step in the process.  Having a dream is where it starts, making it a goal is the next step. This type of work ethic is something that should be passed on to all our our youth.  No doubt that will be something that Eugene passes on to his children.  We all should.

We definitely appreciate Eugene Hero for sharing his craft with the world and for slowing down long enough to give us the opportunity to get to know him a little better through conversation.  Be sure to check out more on Eugene Hero on the links below.

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