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Artist of the Week - Haze Paladin The General

Artist of the Week - Haze Paladin The General
Haze Paladin The General has been creating music for over half of his life. When I met him over 20 years ago, he was what I would define as Hip Hop. I say this because to look at him, to speak to him and to hear him speak or freestyle was everything Hip Hop embodied. He had the fashion, the lingo, the ability to freestyle and write rhymes…he always could recite the hottest tracks and had even better ability creating his own artistry over those same tracks. Though we lost touch, when I ran into him again, I was not surprised that he was still doing music. Music was his passion all them years ago and that passion has created the artist known as Haze Paladin The General. Haze first fell in love with Hip Hop in 1985 when he was seven years old. His older brother Jeff, who the track J.E.F.F. was made in memory of, was his introduction to Hip Hop. His brother Jeff use to mix and cut different music to create his own unique sound. Not only did he use the tracks of artists, such as, Public Enemy, Run DMC, LL Cool J but he also used tracks from James Brown and Kenny G. He helped to shape Haze’s appreciation for music and made him more musically deep. Being exposed to different types of music, has influenced the music he creates currently. One of our favorite tracks that Haze has created is the track J.E.F.F that is dedicated to his brother. The way he delivers his thoughts over the track is that Hip Hop feel that you have been missing. He tells the story so clearly that you can sit back and visualize everything that he is saying. Hip Hop has always been an “art of storytelling”. There is no mumbling here. His delivery is smooth, relatable and sincere. Instead of letting the music lead the track, he lets his words lead. Yes! When asked what motivates him to create the type of music that he does he says, “my motivation comes from the love of the art, period”! We can appreciate artist like this. When someone loves something, they take care of it, they appreciate it, they want it to be the best it can be. Haze does not create music just to make a profit. He refuses to follow trends to be popular. He is currently an underground artist, but he understands why. “I refuse to change; my demise will be at the hands of myself for not”. We hope not. This is the type of Hip Hop that needs to be the norm. Let real Hip Hop be the trend. We value artist like Haze Paladin The General. Keeping real Hip Hop alive and using its platform to influence things for the greater good is something we should all value, if we say we love Hip Hop. Be sure to check out the exclusive Hip Hop Humanism interview with Haze Paladin The General on our website. For more information on Haze Paladin The General see the information below. Hip Hop Humanism YouTube ~ Facebook ~
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Jay Rene @thejayrene

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