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Artist of the Week - Kevin Carmody

Artist of the Week - Kevin Carmody

Coined “The Lumberjack”, Kevin Carmody’s art is as vibrant as it is awesome.  He is a skilled artist and illustrator out of the Washington Metropolitan area.  His creations range from mixed media, illustrations, painting and pencil drawing.  His art captures the essence of Hip Hop artist, as well as different musical genre themed pieces, and even skateboard culture.  Take a moment to learn more about the creative, colorful and amazing artwork of Kevin Carmody aka The Lumberjack.

Kevin is part of the Chuck D. artist collective mADurgency.  Why he was selected is clear.  His art are not your average portraits.  He captures what he creates in a fun and vibrant way.  His love for the craft is easily seen from his use of imagination and realism.  He says about art “art is a hardcore hobby of mine.  It is not how I make a living…simply put, I love it”.  He captures the essence of the Hip Hop icon as well as the spirit of them.  His ability to show realism while keeping things interesting is delightful to the eye.  He has created artworks of The Notorious B.I.G., Redman, Method Man, Adam Yauch aka MCA and Tupac Shakur just to name some.  When viewing these works of art, not only will you see the artist he is portraying on the canvas, but you can also see his personal style in each piece of art.

Hip Hop music has definitely inspired many of the art works that Kevin has created.  When asked about Hip Hop’s influence in his life he says “Hip Hop was always in the vicinity.  It was either in your face or it was background noise.  Regardless it was just there”.  Many of us can relate to Kevin when it comes to Hip Hop music and it just goes to show again that Hip Hop can reach many places.  While Kevin was listening to Hip Hop in Baltimore or Wheaton, I was listening to it in Wilmington and Newark and someone else was listening to it in Montreal and someone else in Berlin and someone else in Little Rock…Hip Hop touches the masses, just like Kevin’s art.  Anyone touched by Hip Hop could appreciate his artwork and be reminded of a space in time.

His Hip Hop canvas artwork is only part of what Kevin creates.  He also designs skateboards and art works dedicated to the skateboard culture (which has merged with Hip Hop culture also in recent years).  They are colorful and packed full of imagery.  Each piece is unique and draws your eye into it with its colors, images and just overall kick ass appearance.  Viewing this art will create a colorful story in your head that you will always remember.  Kevin’s “go with the flow” approach in life, passes fluidity into his artwork.  Overall it is pleasing to more than just one sense.

Humbly Kevin doesn’t think his art is world changing, however we must beg differ.  Art changes the world.  It makes something out of nothing.  It brings beauty into the world: conversation, imagination; it brings people together, sparks creativity, inspires, motivates, intrigues…oh yes Kevin Carmody’s art is changing the world, just like the other great artist out there.  Be sure to watch out for more on Kevin Carmody and his art work on Hip Hop Humanisms web page.  View more of his art and read his upcoming interview to learn more about the artist and his passion.  You can find more about Kevin below.


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