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Artist of the Week - Kevin Carmody: Not Your Average Joe

Kevin Carmody, coined "The Lumberjack" is not your average Joe.  He is a member of Mr. Chuck D.'s mADurgengy artist collective.   His above average art is followed up with an above average attitude.  He is humble and truly loves what he does.  Passion is something that many lack now a day.  No one seems to have passion about anything.  It is refreshing and appreciated to see someone with some passion, especially since that passion is something toward the good.  We have an interview that we conducted with Kevin that will give you more insight in who he is as a person and as an artist.  Here it goes.


HHH:  Tell us a little about yourself...

Kevin:  I'm 36 years old now. I attended Frostburg State University- (received Bachelor of Fine Arts), Montgomery College- (received Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management), and the University of Maryland University College- (Received Master of Science in Management).  Art is a hardcore hobby of mine.  It is not how I make my living. I just have fun with it. Simply put, I love it.


HHH:  We can definitely appreciate your art, thank you for creating it.  So when did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?

Kevin:  As a teen and young adult, I'd often find myself hanging out smack dab in city. It didn't matter If I was in Washington DC, Baltimore, or surrounding sub-cities/suburban areas like Wheaton, Silver Spring, Rockville, etc.; hip hop was always in the vicinity. It was either in your face or it was background noise.  Regardless, it was just there. 


HHH:  How you said that, about Hip Hop and its presence was awesome.  Hip Hop was my “theme” music growing up as well. 

Kevin:  Yes.  Also, I grew up during part of Hip Hop's Golden Era.  This was part of a time when rap was exploding. It was a time when it had surged into new American territories. It wasn't just in LA or NYC anymore.  It had become one of the most intriguing developments in US pop culture/art. Especially for kids. As a result--I loved it and it has stuck with me. 


HHH:  Same here.  We are around the same age, so I know exactly what you are talking about.  Southern artist where shining, Mid-West…it was an awesome time to be connected to Hip Hop.

HHH: What made you begin to create the type of art you do? Hip Hop obviously has influenced you.

Kevin:  It has always just been a music I have been fascinated with. There are so many different avenues I could take when answering this question.


HHH:  We are sure it is a complex answer.  Well which piece is your favorite and why?

Kevin:  My biggie Smalls piece.  The colors and drip turned out decent.


HHH:  Yes, we like that one as well.  Its way better than decent.  It is a dope piece of art.  So how does your art change the world?

Kevin:  I’m not sure my art has changed the word. I just want to continue doing what I do without changing much [as an artist].  This would be having art shows while keeping my artistic themes true to the skateboarding and music industry.  I also want to branch out into doing artwork related to sports figures. Designing dippy labels for soda and beer bottles would be enjoyable too.  Just some quick thoughts.  However, I don’t think any of these are world changers.  Ha ha.


HHH:  We appreciate your humbleness.  However, we believe your art does change the world.  It's creative thought that becomes reality.  It is positive and anything positive is effecting our world.  So thank you again.  What is something you want the world to know?

Kevin:  I’m not sure how to answer this.  If I did, I’d have to ponder over this question for quite some time.  Besides, my answer would end up being way too long for this interview. My answer now is ……I don’t know.


HHH:  Fair enough, it is a big question.  So did you get the name ‘Lumberjack’?

Kevin:  This has no deep meaning or comprehensive origin.  In college, my buddies gave silly nicknames to each other for laughs. Mine was Lumberjack.  Some artists, like myself, keep nicknames that stick.  They may also have phrases they coin. Personally, I do it for someone to easily remember me. However, I can't speak for others. 

Kevin is a laid back guy who just loves what he does.  We are thankful for this.  We at Hip Hop Humanism appreciate Kevin’s hard work with his many artistic creations.  No matter what brings you to Kevin’s art, one thing everyone who comes will agree upon:  that is his art is fresh, dope, colorful and interesting.  For more on Kevin check out his website and various pieces of art.  His information can be found below.

Hip Hop Humanism is stoked about brining you another positive artist.  We look forward to showcasing Shinobi Ninja which will start tomorrow evening and last the week.  Thank you to all the artist of different kinds that have given us something that they can never get back:  their time.  We do not take that for granted.

Hip Hop Humanism. 


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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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