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Artist of the Week - Kwame Teague

Artist of the Week - Kwame Teague

His books may have been in your library, they may still be. He has been an Essence #1 best selling author. His books might have been your favorites or you may have heard the latest buzz on his books.  He has won awards and been critically acclaimed and you may still not be familiar with the name.  Kwame Teague also goes by the pen name "Dutch" and when it comes to capturing Urban life and story lines, he is supreme. Kwame has written "The Adventures of Ghetto Sam", "Glory of My Demise", "The Dutch Trilogy", "Thug Politics" " and "Verdict" to name a few.  He has definitely been busy.  What makes Kwame different than other authors who have been as successful is that Kwame has done these accomplishments while incarcerated.

His latest book is called: Humanism Vs Racism. 10 Steps to Eradication.  It is definitely worth the read.  It is much different than the fiction he usually writes.  This book gives you a history lesson as well as solutions to one of our worlds current problem:  racism.  Kwame has always wanted to change the world and is even one of the founders behind Hip Hop Humanism.  He continually thinks of ideas that can make the world a better place for all humans, especially our children, because they are indeed our future, just like the song sings.

Learn more about this humanitarian, author and urban storytelling artist over this week.

You can find some of his work below:

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