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Artist of the Week - Kwame Teague, The Activist

Artist of the Week - Kwame Teague, The Activist

Kwame Teague, pen named “Dutch” is much more than an award winning, critically acclaimed urban literature author.  He is also an activist and humanitarian.  He supports and is active in prison reform, women’s rights and the fight against racism.

In support of his prison reform, Kwame and the American Humanist Association came together to file suit against the North Carolina Department of Corrections because he had been denied the same rights as other inmates.  As a Humanist, Kwame wanted the same rights as Christians, Buddhist and Muslim; the opportunity to come together with other Humanist and discuss beliefs and information exchange.  He had been denied countless times.  Kwame felt that he had to do this fight.  He says “I was not just speaking for me.  I was standing up for the other inmates that are Humanist also.  I stood up for those that will come after me.  We deserve equal rights, regardless of where we are.  If something is an injustice I will always stand up for it, if I know about it. Always”.  Being the face of this fight was something that he did selflessly and without regard to how it might affect him adversely.  He was transferred without his input afterward.

In support of Women’s rights, he hopes that Hip Hop Humanism will be able to provide some programs that help women in need, as well as being willing to fully support women injustices. Two of the things he hopes to implement are the following programs and App:  A program for women who are victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse.  He wants to create programs that can help heal them from the symptoms that PTSD cause.  This program would include art production, such as painting, dance, boxing and travel to name a few activities.  He also hopes to start a program for women Veterans that will help them connect with other   He wants to make an app where female Veterans can find other female Veterans in their area and give them the opportunity to meet each other and build lasting relationships.

In support of the fight against racism he has written a book called “Humanism vs Racism. 10 Steps to Eradication”.  The book gives us a history lesson on how America was built, what went wrong and what can be done to fix it.  He says “we are all human and everyone seems to forget that.  No matter what we look like, who we do or don’t pray to, where we live or what language we speak, we are all humans and we all deserve equal and fair treatment.  I will always fight for that and others should also”.  His passion and his intellect can easily be heard when speaking with him.  It is motivating, inspirational and powerful.  However, what is most remembered is his humbleness. 

Kwame is more than an artist.  He is a good human and passionate about the injustices of the world.  He will continue to make the world a better place, regardless of where he lays his head at night, even if nobody knows him, he wants them to know his work, because it impacted the world in a positive and enormous way.

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Jay Rene @thejayrene

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