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Artist of the Week - LaJune

Artist of the Week - LaJune

We are always excited about the artist we get to feature.  Each one is unique and powerful in their own way and the art they create, whatever type that is, they share it with the world and it brings people together and makes the world a better place to be.  LaJune, is our first female artist to be featured.  I am excited about this personally, because I have been wanting to showcase female Hip Hop arts for the longest, so without further delay, here is a snippet into the sights and sounds of LaJune.

LaJune is a music artist that we encountered at this year’s MCA Day.  Her stage presence was impressive and easily transferred her energy to the crowd.  Her music mixes Hip Hop and different genres to produce an interesting and gravitating sound.  She is originally from Poughkeepsie, New York but currently resides in NYC (, 2017).  She became the first female to be inducted into “The Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame”, from the show 106 and Park.  Since then she has performed in many different venues and continues to give stellar performances (, 2017).

Along with making music she also is an actress and won the “Outstanding Guest Actress” at the 2015 Los Angeles Web Fest Awards.  She has been featured in Bust Magazine as well as featured on  She also has many behind the scenes accomplishments, such as writing jingles for the hit show “Big Morning Buzz Live” (, 2017).  She also is no stranger to sharing the stage with the stars we love.  She has opened for Chrisette Michele, Joe and Case.  She is easy complimented on her ability to mix Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soul, Pop, Funk…the list can continue.  This artist does not limit herself and we appreciate that about her.  Thank you Ms. LaJune!

Listening to LaJune will put you in mind of many of your favorites, but she is not no copycat.  She has her own unique sound that you will be able to appreciate, vibe to, nod to and ride to.  One of our favorites is her track “Fibrillate Ft. Willy Wesley”.  As soon as you turn it on, you will understand why.  It is a smooth track, with smooth vocals and bomb visuals.  Her music could never be boring.  She will keep you on your toes, keep your interest peaked and your ears on listen.  You never know what LaJune will do to express herself, but you will definitely appreciate her craft.

We hope to get an exclusive interview from LaJune, so we can learn about her to share with her fans and her soon to be fans.  We thank all the artists that allow us to showcase them on our site.  It is our pleasure to share these artists with everyone because we know that with artist like these, the world is a better place and can become even better.  The power of Hip Hop and the arts is stronger than some realize.  We can help our children in more ways than one with these platforms.  Let us use them wisely. 

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