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Artist of the Week "Nitro Nix"

Artist of the Week

Nitro Nix has been making music for over 13 years, almost half of his life.  With inspirations like Jada kiss and LL Cool J., he hopes to stay true to the Hip Hop roots and use his craft to promote positivity through story-telling and inspirational messages.  At times, he isn’t polite about it, but the message is still the same, that we must do something if we want our change in our lives.  Just like a true Philadelphian, he doesn’t pull a punches and is direct with his message.  One of our favorite tracks that make his straight up attitude clear is “The Unexpected”.  He is directly talking to the listener and can make you self-reflect.

As soon as one of Nitro Nix’s beats drop, you immediately know that you are going to experience some good classic Hip Hop music.  He is a Philadelphia native and his Philly roots cannot be denied once you hear his lyricism and method of delivery. One of the things that we appreciate most about Nitro Nix, is that he promotes Black love, which is rare today in the music industry.  Most songs that are out today, talk about the disrespect and disconnection of love between men and women.  His song’s “Senorita”, “You Deserve Better” and the artist’s current favorite track “The Fall”, are proof of that.

His track “Equinox” is one of those tracks that you will impress you has he delivers top notch lyricism over a simple beat.  It takes you back to the time that Hip Hop had a message and a heart.  His music will make you think, imagine and dream.  This is something that our youth need.  Something to think about that means something, to imagine something better and to make some dreams that turn into goals.  The positivity that Nitro Nix and artist like him put out music that has a message, a lesson and a story that is beneficial are highly appreciated.

Be sure to check out the next article and interview on Nitro Nix, where we go in more depth about the man and the artist.

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