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Artist of the Week - Poet Deep:  Living up to His Name

Poet Deep is a man that wears many hats.  He is a poet, an artist, he is a father and he is a humanitarian.  He is old school, and he is new school.  He is the future.  In Part One of our write up about Poet Deep, we learned much about what he is doing now.  This article, Part Two, will discuss how he began, how he was shaped into the conscious Black man that he is today and more on his current activities that are making the world a better place.

Ogun Lumumba was born July 19, 1985 and is a native of Baltimore, Maryland.  For those who don’t know much about the area, it is a rough one.  Crime, poverty, violence and sadness was and still is, a big part of the lives of many of the people who reside in the area.  His passion is expressed in every lyric.  It is easy to see that the music and creations that Poet Deep creates is a direct reflection of what he saw and experienced growing up. 

He first got into expressing himself through music at the age of 11.  He first fell in love with Hip Hop after hearing the song “It Takes Two” by Rob Base.  His favorite artist became K-Rino because “he embodies many great traits of what a true emcee is:  lyricism, storytelling, original concepts, and commitment to work” (HHH Interview, 2017).  Hip Hop has always been a big influence in the Urban community and has helped to shape incredible artist like Poet Deep.

He is a Pan Afrikaan Nationalist and his first mixed tape which he released in 2014 is proof of his position.  This mixed tape is a collection of music he created over the span of about seven years and expresses his political, cultural and social views when it comes to his community.  Named “The Project”, it is as prevalent today as it was when it was first recorded and released.  His ability to create music with a message and a purpose, makes his creations timeless and classic.

Along with being a poet and Hip Hop artist, Poet Deep goes a step farther when it comes to thinking about the betterment of his community.  Something that can be noticed about the Urban community, is that the diet is poor and lacks the basic foods that it takes to keep bodies healthy.  To truly care, is to carefully think about every part of the community and to help teach solutions and alternatives to the problems that exist.  His song “Do We Live” is something that shows how deep Poet has thought when it comes to the health of our children.

Artist like Poet Deep are always a pleasure to get to know.  They make you think, think again and then think some more.  They also give us hope.  Hope for the future and hope for the present.  They are proof that Hip Hop is NOT dead.  As long as artist like Poet Deep are creating, there is always hope for positive Hip Hop to again become the norm.  The power of Hip Hop will never be destroyed, so let us continue to strive toward it being the best it can be so that we all can benefit from the reward of using the platform properly.  #WeAreHumanFirst

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