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Artist of the Week - Prod Rez - Not What You’re Use To

Anyone that has spent any time in Delaware knows that the hip-hop influence here is accelerated. Ciphers of verbal rap abilities can be found in multiple places across the city at any given time.

What goes hand-in-hand with those verbal rap abilities of course is a nice beat. The music production of the song is just as important as the lyrics over them.

This is our first coverage of a music producer and we feel we have chose the perfect one to start with. Christian ‘Prod Rez’ Collins is a 13-year-old music producer that some local legends in Delaware are looking to for a track. When we first came across Prod Rez we didn’t know his age. His level of skill shells his musical maturity when asked how he developed so much musically he says “most of my family has to do with music, from old school to new school because my dad and my brothers are rap artist. Im basicly surrounded by hip hop”.

It easy to see that his parents did an excellent job in his upbringing through his strong work ethic, which is partly responsible for his ability at producing. Kids his age are usually focused on petty things, while Prod Rez has a different mindset. He says “ I mainly just want to make my family proud and be able to provide even at a young age” a statement well above his years.

Natural talent, a strong work ethic, supportive parents and passion is what fuels this young man. Goes to show that if we encourage our children in what they find interesting, we can help them reach their dreams and assist them with avoiding behavior that can ruin their lives.

There is no doubt that if he continues on this path that he can become a well-known producer around the globe. It is people like this that we must encourage together as a Hip Hop community. Hip Hop only dies if we let it.

To find out more about this young producer check out the links below. Be looking for his interview,to learn more about this young man, the music that he produces as well as his dreams.

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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  • Hip-hop humanism is proud to be able to showcase a talented young man who is positive and is becoming a part of hip-hop history
    • Thank you for the opportunity for letting my son be apart of this community and showing his talent. You are appreciated!
  • So proud!
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