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Artist of the Week - Rahiim Muhammad

Artist of the Week - Rahiim Muhammad

Rahiim Muhammad is one of those inspirational stories that can give little boys from the inner city a feeling of hope to make it out.  Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, he grew up rough and though he has not always been perfect, his experiences have been the perfect recipe for this artistry. His song “Look at My Life”, talks about the choices and mistakes he made growing up, which led to his imprisonment for seven years.  He says, “people can learn from my mistakes.  I am giving back the lessons I learned, so they don’t make the same mistakes”.  While serving his time, he came up with his own type of music that he calls “Reality Muzic”.  He says of his creation, “musically I believe being you and speaking from experience like the old school”.  We must agree.  Hip Hop doesn’t really give messages anymore.  It doesn’t tell of experiences and past mistakes made.  Currently it seems to talk about what mistakes to make because its popular. 

Becoming a father is something that encouraged Rahiim to become more conscious.  When asked if his children helped him become the person he is today, he replies, “having children definitely make me more mindful of my actions.  My kids look up to me. So I have to be real conscious of everything that I do because they are watching”.  This consciousness doesn’t stop at his blood children, but umbrellas over all youth.  His open-minded personality, his life experiences and his knowledge are tools he uses to be a role model for those younger than himself.  He encourages others to “be yourself, be you!  Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.  I always heard, I can’t do this, I won’t do that and I did it anyway.  I am doing everything everyone told me that a couldn’t”.  What a positive and needed message to promote to our youth and even some adults.  We can definitely appreciate that and respect it.

As for many before him, Hip Hop has been an outlet for him.  It is a way to express himself.  When we asked Rahiim why he began to create music he shares, “how I feel at that moment, is what I write about.  Hip Hop and music are an outlet for me.  It allows me to be me and feel free in that moment”.  Hip Hop is so much more than some people believe.  It isn’t just a style of dress; it isn’t just a cool beat.  It can be so many things on so many levels.  Hip Hop is good for us.  It helps with anxiety.  It sparks creative thinking.  It brings people together that would never even know each other if it weren’t for it.  It saves lives.  Hip Hop once again comes through.

Be sure to catch the exclusive interview with Rahiim, where he will talk about his music creation, as well as the different types of artistry that he creates that extends past music.  Rahiim is not your average rapper and for that we are glad.


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