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Artist of the Week Starts April 1, 2017

Starting April 1st of this year we will be featuring "Artist of the Week" for all artist, no matter the type of art, will be featured with a full article, visual display of artistry, video interviews and promotion of their craft.  

We know that art is a big part of life, and art is a big part of Hip Hop. Be it drawing, painting, music composing, DJing, writing, rhyming, dance or singing, it is all art and this is a platform that we all can connect on.

No matter where a person is from, art is something that people from worlds away can have in common.  It speaks to the human in all of us. Art is more powerful then some may know.  Think of how art effects the world, shapes the world, effects and shapes our communities and even are dialect.  Something a rapper said 20 years ago is still common knowledge with people of different ages, may have influenced a style of dress, or how someone views the world.  

The same can be said by all forms of art. Paintings that are hundreds of years old are loved by all walks of life, can evoke conversations that connect people on a way they may have never known could even exist. Art is important and we want to not only showcase it, but also have it help make this world a better place. Let it help people connect that may have never had the opportunity. Help us reach goals and places we never even imagine.

Currently we have four artist that will be published in the mouth of April. However we are currently deciding who will be our first feature.  When you have a chance, check them out and you can even vote on who you think should be the first.





Shout out to all of these artist above and all of you artist out there. Keep filling the world with your craft.

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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