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Artists of the Week - Shinobi Ninja

Artists of the Week - Shinobi Ninja

Shinobi Ninja are a Rap Rock group that has more flavor than the best pot of New Orleans Gumbo and has just as many ingredients.  This group packs a punch that is unforgettable and contagious.  If you don’t walk away from “the table of Shinobi Ninja” with a satisfied belly, you will at least leave with a taste in your mouth that you feel drawn to return to.  Welcome to Shinobi Ninja.

The members of this group are colorful, original and talented.  The group of six features Baby G, a vocalist, Alien Lex, bass guitar, Terminator Dave, the drums, DJ Axis Powers, turntables, Kid Shreddi aka Maniaik Mike, guitar and last but not least Doobie Aka Duke Sims, a vocal and guitarist.  This group of six goes are making a loud sound in the Hip Hop and Rock community that can’t be turned off (and shouldn’t).

This group is not your ordinary Hip Hop group.  They are also not your ordinary Rock group.  Formed in 2008, they are a perfectly blended combination of both.  A genre called Rap Rock, is fresh and blends two different genres together, which creates a unique style.  Out of Brooklyn, NY, Shinobi Ninja, blend their personalities perfectly to produce music that is not only good to the ear, but good to the heart.  A positive group that is talking about more than senseless behavior.  We salute you!

The first song we heard by Shinobi Ninja is titled “What if Times” and it caught our attention from the sound and the sights of the video.  This video was shot entirely on a cellphone.  It adds to the depth of the song and makes it more personable.  It begins with a child singing holding an old school “boom box” radio.  Feelings of nostalgia instantly take over. The music does not stop or start here however, they have over three studio albums, over three EPs, two mix tapes, two live albums, and several non-album tracks.  They have been very busy and still are touring and creating.

Their talent has gotten them featured in some of the most well-known publications such as the Rolling Stone, Spin, Time, and Ebony magazines and on MTV and Fuse television programs. There is no question as to why there is a buzz surrounding this group of talented artist.  In our minds in the dictionary of life, next to Rap Rock, there is a picture of Shinobi Ninja.

We hope to have an exclusive interview with Shinobi Ninja to share with their fans and soon to be fans.  Until then, we look forward to writing about them, their talent and their unstoppable sound and style.  For information on Shinobi Ninja check the information below.


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