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August 2017

August 2017

If you have been paying attention you would have noticed that this month, we did not drop an “Artist of the Week” for the first week of August.  That is because the first week of August was dedicated to the great man Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch.  It is now time, however, to get back to schedule.  This month, we will showcase two artists, Dan Lish and La June.  Here is a snippet on all the events of August.

All this month, we will be paying tribute to Adam Yauch.  If you missed MCA Day, kick yourself.  It was the most powerful, heart-warming and kick ass experience of my life to date.  The love in the building that poured out into the street was easily felt as everyone joined together to celebrate the life of a courageous man, humanitarian, activist and American Rap artist.  The music and the artwork was phenomenal.  Love and thanks to everyone is extended!  Now here is a bit about our two “Artist of the Week” for August. 

Dan Lish is the creator of ‘Egostrip’ which is a “series of illustrations based on Hip Hop creators, artists, legends and individuals” (, 2017) that have been Dan’s inspiration.  He has been creating art since the age of four and he was encouraged by his parents to pursue the craft.  His artwork is super detailed and you can easily tell that time and love has been put into each creation.  As a multi-disciplined artist, he has been involved in many projects over the last 25 years.  He has even designed for Rockstar Games and Sony. 

La June is a music artist that we encountered at this year’s MCA Day.  Her stage presence was impressive and easily transferred her energy to the crowd.  Her music mixes Hip Hop and different genres to produce an interesting and gravitating sound.  Along with making music she also is an actress and won the “Outstanding Guest Actress” at the 2015 Los Angeles Web Fest Awards.  She has been featured in Bust Magazine as well as featured on (, 2017).

We look forward to introducing or reacquainting you with these fabulous artists who are sharing their incredible crafts and abilities with the world.

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For more info on these artists check out the links below:

Dan Lish


Twitter:  @danlish1

Instagram:  @danlish1


La June


Twitter:  @iamlajune

Instagram:  @iamlajune

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