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Charge the Victims: The Delaware Way

Charge the Victims: The Delaware Way

Anyone who has been paying attention has noticed that Delaware, particulary Wilmington, has been in the news a lot for the last couple of years.  When the death of George Floyd sparked a wave across the entire nation, it caused people to stand up for their rights and the rights of others.  Many also took this opportunity to shed light on the many cases of police brutality and crimes all across the nation. Delaware of course was no different.

In most cases in Delaware protest, the freedom of protest is exercised, peacefully. In all honesty, I can only think of one time that “peaceful” was not part of the equation and that particular incident was not a gathering of peaceful protesters, but instead was a group of mad, hurt, frustrated and helpless feeling individuals that did not know how to express their pain. Since then, there has not been one protest that has crossed the line, no matter how great the numbers.

Though Wilmington police have a number of things that they can be protested for, the current protest that has been consistent as of late, is the one that involves seeking justice for Lymond Moses. Lymond Moses was shot and killed by New Castle Police on 13 January 2021 after they violated his rights when he was approached by them, while he sleeping in his car in front of his mothers home. After the violation of his rights, the officers murdered Lymond and then attempted to blame him for his death. They lied on their paperwork and said that Lymond attempted to run them over while fleeing.

Luckily, New Castle County Police have body cameras and after peaceful protests and involvement from outside sources, the body came footage was released. It clearly showed that the officers lied and that they murdered Lymond in cold blood and then lied to try to cover their crimes. If the family and community had not protested to get the body cam footage released, I believe they would of let the officers have their lie as truth. Why do you ask? Because it is the Delaware way. Let me explain.

In the past the police have been known to lie to cover their crimes. They lied in the Jeremy McDole case, where Jeremy, a robbery victim, was killed by police, according to Terrance Jones a private investigator. They said he was armed, and then staged the crime scene, where his wheelchair was clearly moved from one spot to another. This is verified by cellphone footage that was visual proof that where Jeremy’s wheelchair was and where it appeared in the crime scene photos, were 7 to 10 feet different. It has also been reported that police lied in the Yahim Harris case and tried to say he was armed. However a close circuit camera caught an officer attempting to plant evidence on Yahim, a cellphone, with hopes of having the ability to say was a weapon. There have been other instances, even down to officers being arrested and prosecuted for stealing.

They are at it again. The Department of Justice has recently targeted a small group of protesters that are petitioning for justice for Lymond Moses. The group consists of tax paying mothers, and law-abiding citizens. This group is in it for the right reasons: the pursuit of justice for a cold murder that seems to have no justice insight without protesting. Please understand that people don’t want to go and protest, they are forced to do so because they see no other way to get the rights and justice that are supposed to come so freely.

This group has been falsely accused of harassment and threats over the Labor Day weekend and an emergency restraining order was sought. The group had been protesting at Mark Denney’s house, the Deputy Attorney General. Last told, this was the person who had the ability to give this family rightly deserved justice because he leads the Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust, which investigates police use of deadly force. There was no doubt that Denny was alarmed. So much so he rushed his children out of the house and expressed that he wasn’t in charge.

When the protesters asked if they could speak with him, he removed his mask and clearly said “no”. His visible fear in the midst of a bunch of female protesters was evident and he sped away as quickly as he could. The protesters continued to execute their 1st Amendment rights.

Then the threats began. Different people began to call and warn that Denney should not be a target of protests, even though the citizens have the right to do so. It seems that these charges and restraining order were ‘slapped’ together in an attempt to shut the mouths of those effected by the crimes of the New Castle County Police department officers.

Luckily the judge threw out the restraining order and said that protesters could continue to protest freely. However, it seems that the Attorney General is set on a smearing campaign against those who have been peacefully protesting. So much so that the protests have been used as a pawn against the family.

In a statement it was said that the protests were the reason that the case was “slow dragging” to a decision. That was alarming news, since the protest just really began after over 7 months of no resolution has been produced. In all honesty, from the outside looking in, it seems that the DOJ just want people to sit down and shut up while Delaware police continue to get away with their crimes.

We will keep up with this latest development.


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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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