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Gone Too Soon: Jeremy McDole

Gone Too Soon: Jeremy McDole

September 23, 2015 the life of a family was changed for ever. Their son, brother, uncle , cousin and friend was tragically taken by Police violence. They continue to be victimised by a system that as of to date, have not given Jeremy McDole, loving called Bam Bam by his loved ones, the jutice his tragic and untimely death deserves.


Jeremy McDole a wheelchair bound, unarmed man was shot 16 times by Wilmington DE police in 2015. Jeremy had been robbed and shot the day police murdered him. The person who called 911 didn't tell them that Jeremy needed help but that Jeremy had a gun and shot himself. When 3 of the officers arrived they had the situation under control, however when the 4th officer arrived Joseph Dellose, he shot Jeremy moments after he arrived. This prompted the other officers to fire.







More and more cases are reemerging, as other cases are being created; simultaneously. Bad police officers do not deserve to stay on the force. It takes away from the integrity and trust. It corrupts the whole system and makes it no longer a part of the greater good. There is much more to this case of how a young life was cut down and how police and others are trying to keep this crime under wraps. Unarmed people should not be shot by the police. 

In the Use of Force Continuum laws (a guideline for how police are supposed to interact with citizens) it clearly states the procedure. Jeremy did not have a weapon therefore deadly force should of never been used. What Jeremy needed was for the cops to assist him. Not only had he been robbed, he had been shot. Instead they decided to target him as a criminal because of their personal opinions. 

In a chat with someone we will not name at this time, the mind of the Wilmington police at the time was "he was a piece of shit". As the average citizen we are not allowed to assault or murder people because we feel adversely about them. Police should be no different, and in actuality their standard should be higher. How a police officer feels personally should not be on the job and if it does show up, consequences of that fact especially when it results in death should have a consequence. If police murder or assault someone they should be fired, charged and serve the time they earned for their crime. The officers involved need to be fired and charged.

We can not allow the police to continue to break the law. The time is now! 

There will be more to follow on the murder of Jeremy.

#nonewnames #justice4bambamDE



Note from Author:

Though I have traveled all over the world and lived in many places where I was born and raised was Delaware. The changes I want to make in the world will start in my home state. This is the first of many literatures that will discuss the injustices that have happended in Delaware.

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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