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Grand Opus - Artist of the Week

Grand Opus - Artist of the Week

This Hip Hop duo, Joc Scholar and Centric are out of California.  Their style is that welcomed familiar, but has a futuristic twist that makes them unique.  Starting independently, they came together in 2013 to form their group. They decided then to “come together and make music from their own mind in an effort to simply help keep Hip Hop alive without any “Pop” pressure” (, 2017).  Their sound is something that Hip Hop lovers will appreciate.  Their delivery, music selection and content screams Hip Hop consciousness.

With a name like Grand Opus, you can only expect something big.  Centric and Joc Scholar are making sure that their name does not out shine their creativity and talent.  As I write this I listen to “Grand Opus Forever, Enter the Opus”.  I felt it was appropriate, since that is what we will be trying to allow our readers to do.  Enter the Opus and love Grand Opus forever. 

So first let’s define what exactly what “Grand Opus” means, which will help us to better understand Joc Scholar and Centric.  So…the word grand, most of us are familiar with.  Some ‘grand’ synonyms are:  impressive, magnificent and majestic.  At first listen, the duo is most definitely impressive.  Their ability to embrace and stay true to real Hip Hop, but sound fresh is something that not every artist can do.  It doesn’t sound dated, but is true to what most of us fell in love with when it comes to Hip Hop.  Thank you Grand Opus for being some magnificent Kings. 

Now the word Opus is a word I myself had to look into to learn more about.  Opus also means:  creation, work, production, and brainchild.  Yes, Grand Opus themselves are a lovely creation.  The two bounce off each other and produce a sound that is perfect unison.  The work they produce on Grand Opus Forever is one of those highway rideable albums.  Every track tells a story that draws you in until the end.  They stick to the way Hip Hop is intended to be, stories of different parts of life and experiences delivered perfectly over the right beat with a hook that brings it all together’; brainchildren.  They make music that makes you think.

Tracks like Super Power Bros is Hip Hop instrumentals at its finest.  It showcases how Hip Hop has the ability to take different sounds from all parts of life and put them together to make a creation original and dope.  The track ‘Balance’ is one of those tunes that you turn to and then once it starts playing, you drop your hand from the dial and let it ride.  The lyricism in this track forces your mind to see the visuals in your head.  It tells a story that you can’t help but to see.  Hip Hop is a form of storytelling and tracks like these bring that point home easily.

Grand Opus are one of those groups that Hip Hop heads will appreciate and new schoolers can find interesting.  Their lyrical ability cannot be denied, and their ability to mix dope instrumentals can’t be argued either.  Groups like these are proof that Hip Hop is very much alive.  We should celebrate and promote them every chance we get.  The platform of Hip Hop is powerful.  Let us put it to good use, by embracing music that uplifts, teaches and has a purpose.  

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