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Grand Opus Written by Chinyere Egu

Grand Opus Written by Chinyere Egu

The Grand Opus is a North Californian based hip-hop group that recently released a song called 360 degrees. This group is comprised of two musicians, Joc Scholar and Centric where Centric is the music producer and Joc Scholar the emcee. The combination of these talented individuals is what created this unique group as a duo that works harmoniously.  

Centric who comes from Oakland California has a passion for music, fitness and food. The combinations of these three qualities makes him a powerful producer. His talent is seen in the production of hip-hop music and he continues to experience success in his work. Also, he has collaborated with other musicians such as Sean Price, Chino XL, Big Mike of the 26 Day Crew, Cuzoh, Planet Asia, and Sadat X amongst others. Besides his passion and creativity, he is also an award winning music producer. 

Joc Scholar who has been involved in rhyming for a long time, comes from Fresno California. He has done other albums for instance Kold Crush, A story of an Emcee, and Water from the Nile. Joc, Scholar like Centric is also passionate about music, loves art, film, photography and design. Music is his source of livelihood and that is what he has used to bring up his son Souleaux. Notably, Souleaux has also developed an interest in music. As a vocalist, Joc shows his consciousness and anyone listening to him gets mesmerized. Both Joc and Centric are a duo that is surely unforgettable when one gets the chance to listen to their music. 

When one gets the opportunity to listen to the debut single – 360 degrees by the Grand Opus; they will review their life, choices and reality. Life has taught people that they have to make decisions and to take the right path according to societal beliefs. It is the society that helps individuals determine what is right or wrong. In this song, Joc Scholar cites that people make themselves “Slaves to society say it loud and die silently.” Therefore, as people try to fit into society, some fail because not everyone is acceptable based on social class, race and gender. Unfortunately, in this society not every individual is treated with due respect despite the constitution guaranteeing equality for all people. The song makes one question all the violence and corruption existing in the country. People are still divided and what is acceptable in one society is not in others. More so, who should determine what is right? What is acceptable in the upper social class may be unacceptable in the lower class. As such, to understand the differences in life, one must use varying perspectives. 360 degrees states the challenges and benefits of life to empower people. Joc as a conscious lyricist attempts to leave people with useful information about life. As such, the Grand Opus enlightens the society in addition to providing entertainment. 

Most importantly, Grand Opus highlights love, hate, pain and reality. Also, the Grand Opus goes on to educate society on matters pertaining to lifestyle, social class and the world. Notably, the world continues to spiral meaning that people have to make the right choices. Through this, the disregard for humanity through actions such as racism will cease to exist. Taking the words of the song, “Round and round we go.” it will stir a difference in people’s perspectives, such that they will show concern and respect for each other.

Chinyere Egu, student editor promoting positive hip hop in the Bay Area, can be reached For more information on Grand Opus, visit Grand Opus on Facebook and @Granopusca on Twitter.

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