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Hip Hop Humanism End of Year Update

Hip Hop Humanism End of Year Update

Hello everyone.  It has been awhile since we have had the opportunity to put out an article, so we are very excited about this one.  We have been very busy during this time of silence, so let us tell you what we have been up to.

Hip Hop Humanism has officially started its "We Can Make Art" program out of our "A Kids Way Out" initiative.  We are currently working with High School students and 4th and 5th graders.  We hope that we can gain the interest of more and more children who have the skill or the want to learn.  We know that giving children alternatives to trouble can only benefit them.  We hope to continue this program and spread it from state to state.

While working within this program, it was brought to our attention that in the current state that we are doing most of our activism and humanitarianism within has a very big problem in regards to it's 3rd graders.  Over 50 percent of the 3rd graders in the state of Delaware are reading below the 3rd grade level.  First, we must realize that if we have 3rd graders that can not read, we have 2nd graders who can not read.  Since this revelations, we have begun efforts to create a free community tutoring program, where 2nd and 3rd graders can come and get extra assistance with reading, to help set them up for success.

We must remember that just like the famous song says "the children are our future".  Not only is this true, but as adults it is our responsibility to assist them with becoming the best adults that they can.  It is from us they learn about themselves and about the world.  It is from us that they lean how to function in this world and everything we teach or fail to teach will yield a result that we will also endure or benefit from.  If we as humans can come together and help each other, we will strive individually and collectively.

We have been also connecting with the American Ethical Union.  You can find more about them at:

We soon will be kicking off our artist of the week, where we get the pleasure of reintroducing @Nitronix, an lyricist out of Philadelphia to you and the pleasure of introducing @MrCeeTattoo a dope tattoo artist from England.  We also have a piece on Planet Asia, done by our junior author.  We have no doubt that you will enjoy and appreciate the craft of both of these artist who have been so great as to share their craft and passions with us.  We must remember that Hip Hop is multi-faceted as we hope to bring to you all different types of Hip Hop inspired things as well as raw, pure Hip Hop.  As long as it is positive, you will see it here.  We thank and appreciate you for the support that you have shown us.  We hope to never let you down.

Hip Hop Humanism

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Nitro Nix:


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Planet Asia:

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