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Hip Hop Humanism Radio

Hip Hop Humanism Radio

Hip Hop Humanism Radio has been effect since the summer of 2019 and there is no end in sight. Hip Hop Humanism Radio is about everything and anything urban. We talk about our news, things in the world that effect us and our community, our health, our love lives and our livelihoods. We also show case unsigned Hip Hop artists, as well promoting Black businesses and ideas.


We air out of Baltimore every Thursday from 9 pm. to 11pm live. In the months to come, we will feature recorded shows. We also have special guest that promote their music, give their ideas and input and just answer questions or just have dialogue about different subjects that pertain to us and our communities.


Hip Hop Humanism radio is broadcast to all of America, Canada and over 120 countries. We are brought to you by WMSK Online Radio ( This station has been around for 7 years and is the leader in talk radio and is home to the Cheryl Underwood Show. WMSK provides talk radio, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, Pop, and old school joints that we all know and love.


In 2020 we look forward to growing in popularity, and have even more special guest to talk about Hip Hop, urban culture and solutions to the problems that plague the urban that we came/come from. We also will be traveling to other shows for interviews, conversations and preservation of Hip Hop history.


We are currently in the works with the North Carolina African American Commission towards the efforts of preserving Hip Hop culture and music. We also will be working towards efforts to make the music program, Let’s Make This Music, that is part of our “A Kids Way Out” Initiative.


We invite you to add TheJayRene Facebook page to see live broadcasts of the show, as well as being able to review videos of different community events and interviews. You can also log on to and catch the show there or by downloading the WMSK app (Android only). Hope to see you there...and remember Hip Hop is in the hood.


Hip Hop Humanism


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