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Jarmel Reece - “The Solution”

Jarmel Reece - “The Solution”

We are always on the look out for unsigned artist that keep the roots of Hip Hop but have their own style. When we saw that there was a young artist coined “The Solution” we were intrigued and hopeful. Why hopeful? Because too many are saying Hip Hop is dead. Every chance we get to prove that wrong we must. Jarmel is the proof and the pudding. Keeping true to Hip Hop while delivering something current and true to self.

It takes a certain type of ability to stay true to what hip-hop is but still present your craft in a new way that can keep up with mainstream music. It also takes a lot of guts. Currently flashy things and the promotion of drug use is what the younger generation is bopping around to. Having the ability to appease the hip-hop “gods” while being able to appeal to the younger generations, takes a lot of hard work. Jarmel is one of those people that are willing to do the work and we thank him.

When asked about his Hip Hop roots and what made him fall in love with Hip Hop, he answers nostalgically and you can tell his answer is pure. From his music selection to how he flows, you pick up quickly that he has been influenced by different times in Hip Hop because of his different aspects of Hip Hop goodness. An old school Hip Hop Head, the 80’s baby and the millennial can easily find his music enjoyable.

Those of us that are true lovers of Hip Hop cringe daily from the music that is currently being put out and called Hip Hop. Well no worries here. Jarmel is definitely cringe free. He shows us that hip-hop is definitely not dead...that there are still artists that exist that care about the craft, the message, and it’s impact. His natural ability to be mindful of this while in his creative process shows his heart.

Refusing to become commercial just for financial gain definitely stays true to what Hip Hop is in the basic sense. Remember Hip Hop was not created to make money, therefore money wasn’t always the agenda. He tells stories, he gives out advice, and he lets his voice permeate through his music and makes us think. Something all true Hip Hop heads appreciate. He is an active part of Hip Hop history and there is no end in sight.

Jarmel’s interview is one that you will not want to miss. Be sure to look out for it’s release this week. For more on Jarmel Reece check the info below.

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