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Julius Jones: Life Spared but Still Stolen

Julius Jones: Life Spared but Still Stolen

Julius Jones death sentence that was to take place today, Thursday, November 18, 2021 was commuted by Gov. Stitt out of Oklahoma after much national and international outcry. We heard of the case just Tuesday and was blown away with what we read.  The young man was seemingly framed and he had much evidence that proved to this point. It was also reported that his legal team was of no real help to the young Jones.

It also has been reported that Gov. Stitt was well aware of the issues within Julius' case. The parole boad itself had reportedly reached out to him on two separate occassions.  It is unclear why Stitt ignored these request. However after the public got wind of the case, activist and organizations from around the nation banded together. Even Kim Kardashian had a call service in support of Julius.

We are more than relieved that Julius was not murdered today by the state of Oklahoma, but the fact that this man isn't on his way home is a tragedy. The fact that we must do so much to get the basic human rights that this nation says it stands for is a travesty. 

We will continue to stand in solidarity in support of Julius Jones because the fight is not over in this case, nor must we stop the support. We are so thankful that we as a people are able to bond together to get things done and corrected. Humans need to care for other humans. It is our duty and our right.

We send love and light to the family of Julius as well as Julius himself. 


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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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