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July "Artist of the Week" Introduction


July is here and we have some more incredible artist to present.  What a pleasure!  This journey of finding artist who are creating positive art for the masses has been wonderful.  It never gets old or tiring.  We hope to be able to continue spreading the word about artist who deserve the recognition and support.  Here is the preview for the month of July “Artists of the Month”.


Poet Deep – First word is wow.  We got to meet this man when we were at the an American Ethics Union conference in Baltimore, and it was one of the best experiences we have had in a long while. We got the opportunity to see him perform as part of a Hip Hop cipher and his performance captivated the crowd.  A native of Baltimore, he is no stranger to the strife of surviving the violence in the world.  In his music he talks about real issues that effect the urban community as well as suggesting solutions to the problems. His name should be an inclination of what is to come.  He is a poet, he is an artist, he is a father, he is a husband.  All of these things, make Poet Deep

Haze Paladin the General – As long as I have known Haze, he has been a deep thinker.  Expressing himself through music has been something he has done for over 20 years.  He has always been aware of the words he spoke and their impact on society and on the people around him, especially the youth.  His style is that happy familiar that the industry is lacking today.  His delivery is smooth and his message is clear. The samples and lyrics of his tracks will make you think, while you enjoy them.  When it comes to skill, ‘General’ is a position that Haze clearly is qualified for.

Grand Opus – This Hip Hop duo, Joc Scholar and Centric are out of California.  Their style is familiar, but has a futuristic twist that makes them unique.  Starting independently, they came together in 2013 to form their group. They decided then to “come together and make music from their own mind in an effort to simply help keep Hip Hop alive without any “Pop” pressure” (, 2017).  Their sound is something that Hip Hop lovers will appreciate.  Their delivery, music selection and content screams Hip Hop consciousness.

For more information on these July artist, check out their information below.  We hope that you feel them as much as we do.  As long as we have artist in the world that are determined to create positivity, there is hope for a brighter and better future for all of us.  Hip Hop’s platform is more powerful than ever and in time, we will successfully get back that platform to spread positivity, truth and to promote change for the better.  #wearehumanfirst

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