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June 2017 Recap

June 2017 Recap

The month of June has been no less incredible then the months before.  Hip Hop Humanism has had the pleasure to present several artists this month that represent positivity and Hip Hop.  Each artist is unique in their own ways, but they all pack an impacting impression in our minds and hearts.  Let us review the ‘Artists of the Week’ and chat briefly on what is to come for the rest of the month and in the month of July.


Rahiim Muhammad – A Memphis artist who created his own type of music called “Reality Muzic”, that purpose is talking about real things that have happened in order to help others in similar situations; to create change and prevent mistakes in our youth.  The track “Look at My Life” is a prime example of that type of music.  He mentors those around him naturally, wanting to prevent them from making mistakes that he did.  He is an example of living and learning.  We commend his hard work and dedication.

Kevin Carmody – Coined “the lumberjack” Kevin’s artistry is colorful, interesting and awesome.  He is a member of the artist collective mADurgengy, which was created by Hip Hop Pioneer Mr. Chuck D.  His ability to capture the artists that he does is an incredible talent and shows his skill and passion for what he does.  Hip Hop, other musical genres and skateboard culture are lucky to have this talented artist creating for it.  His passion for his craft flows from his pencils and paint brushes.  We look forward to more of his dope creations.

Shinobi Ninja – This Rap Rock group out of New York is a bowl full of everything you love made just the way you like.  They are as talented as they are colorful.  The group of six not only make great music, they also introduce you into their lives with their Shinobi Ninja “T.V.” that can be found on their website.  They are approachable and likeable.  We appreciate their humility and positivity and anticipate much more from these talented six that make up Shinobi Ninja.

Find more about these artists under the “News” tab on our website or from their contact information below.

For the rest of June, we will continue to promote the works of these talented artist of the month of June.  We will also be introducing humanitarian Danielle Worth, who has an organization called “Up Rising Stars Inc.” that is out of New Jersey.  This is a family ran organization that she runs with her mother and her sister.  This non-profit organization was made to give back to the community by investing in our children.  It helps students achieve their academic dreams and goals.  They give scholarships to high school students to help pay for college books and tuition.

The smallest of things, can have a large impact.  Be it talented musical artists putting music out there that teaches lessons or makes you feel good, or be it talented works of art that we can see with our eyes and enjoy.  If we don’t have a special talent, we can just give back to our community with hard work or stand up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves.  Positivity breeds positivity.  By being mindful of what we create in this world, we can make this world a better place, one creation at a time. 

We appreciate every artist that we have had the pleasure of presenting and learning more about.  We will continue to showcase the talents of positive artists as well as reporting activist, activism, humanitarians and humanitarianism in our communities.  Thank you everyone for your support.  We will continue to do our part in making this world a better place.  #wearehumanfirst


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