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It’s us again.  Another month almost behind us, we look forward to June.  Doing what we do, we are showcasing the talent of three more artists in the month of June.  Since we began artist of the week it has been a pleasure and a privilege to meet so many talented artists thus far.  It has also been an honor and a duty to showcase them.  We believe that though the arts the world can be changed.  We believe that through the art of Hip Hop the world can be changed.  We want positive to be the norm in our society.  Here is a snippet on the upcoming “Artist of the Week” for the month of June.


Rahim Muhammad - Independent Artist originally from Memphis Tennessee aged 29.  Rahim Muhammad is one of those inspirational stories that can give little boys from the inner city a feeling of hope to make it out.  He created his own style of music that he calls “Reality Muzic”.  He not only makes music, but he also dabbles in body art and hair design.  He isn’t afraid to be himself and express himself through his music and style of dress.  He promotes that children be themselves and strive for their dreams no matter what.  He is proof that you can beat the odds through hard work and perseverance.

Kevin Carmody - Coined “The Lumberjack” his art is as vibrant as it is awesome.  He is a skilled visual artist and illustrator out of the Washington Metropolitan area.  His creations range from mixed media, illustrations, painting and pencil drawing.  His art celebrates Hip Hop artist, as well as other musical genres, and even skateboard culture. He is a member of the Chuck D. artist collective mADurgency.  His use of color and his unique personal style makes his art fun and fresh.  His artwork shows that you can express yourself in ways that can bring others together through the arts with his various fans and art approaches.

Shinobi Ninja – This group is not your ordinary Hip Hop group.  They are also not your ordinary Rock group.  They are a combination of both.  A genre called Rap Rock.  It is fresh and blends two different genres together, which creates a unique style, that isn’t your ordinary Hip Hop sound, but is a sound you can definitely feel has Hip Hop all through it.  Out of Brooklyn, NY, the group of six, blend their personalities perfectly to produce music that is not only good to the ear, but good to the heart.  A positive group that is talking about more than senseless behavior.  Their music makes you think and makes you move.  With Shinobi TV, these artists give you a glimpse inside of their daily lives, which shows their humility.

We can’t wait to tell you more about these artists and how their craft is making its statement in this world.  We hope that you enjoy hearing about them as much as we enjoy writing about them and their crafts.  See the links below to find out more about each of these Artists of the Week for the month of June.  We will continue to bring you positive content and positive artistry.  We appreciate you all.


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Learn more about the artist to be featured in June:

Rahim Muhammad -

Kevin Carmody -

Kevin Carmody Twitter:  @KevinCarmody2

Shinobi Ninja -

Shinobi Ninja Twitter:  @ShinobiNinja






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