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K. Walker...The Living Legend

K. Walker...The Living Legend

K Walker who is originally from South Philly, but currently resides in Wilmington Delaware, is multi-faceted when it comes to Hip Hop. He is an artist, a music and movie producer and even has a line of clothing. How we first discovered K. Walker was when we viewed a video he produce of several talented female Wilmington Hip Hop artist. In Wilmington the lyrical ability isn’t just a trait of the men and K. Walker wanted to show that.

Wilmington is deeply emerged in Hip Hop culture and has been since the 80s. Just the placement of the state put it in a neutral position for “all things Hip Hop”, as it progressed. Wilmington had the luxury of being exposed to different types of Hip Hop styles without being forced to choose a side. It allowed Wilmington to create a style that is unique, yet familiar.

We asked K. Walker why he fell in love with Hip Hop, he says “Listening to Nas made me fall in love with Hip Hop because I didn't have a father figure around and the things Nas was rapping about helped me as far a guidance growing up in the hood”.  This goes to show that the influence that Hip Hop has and can have can touch our youth. True Hip Hop heads can relate we all have that moment that started the love of the genre...a love that will never die. 

K. Walker has decided to be someone who touches our youth positively by being an active member in Hip Hop Humanisms Initiative “A Kids Way Out”. The “Let’s Make This Music” program is a program created to appeal to the urban youth in the area that are interested in learning how to produce music behind the scenes. K. Walker says “I’m wit it”.  That’s all it interest and the care. Hip Hop has always been in the Hood actively.  Always trying to make it better and K. Walker holds true to that staple. 

Hip Hop is more than a moment. It’s more than a beat and more than a head bob. It’s about the Hood, in the Hood and about a change in the Hood. Anything that isn’t that, isn’t Hip Hop. We asked K. Walker a message he would want the youth to know, he quickly says “I want them to know that u have a purpose, don't let the Negativity or social media or someone else's insecurities determine what it is, because when u destined to be Great ya peers or undetermined  people will sometimes purposely give the Best "Wrong" advice just to try to potentially  stare u off ya path”. Sound advice, we all have and could of appreciated at our young impressionable age.

Promoting real Hip Hop is what will keep it alive. It’s those of us to know  what it is and it’s power that must keep it pure. K. Walker and those like him are part of Hip Hop present and future. We must invest in our youth. They want and deserved to be saved. See more on K. Walker in upcoming Hip Hop Humanism news and currently in the links below. 


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