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LAPD Officer Assaults a Civilian

LAPD Officer Assaults a Civilian

While being taped without his knowledge this officer decided he wanted to assault the civilan in this clip.

THIS ISNA CRIME! just because they are the police and just because you may be running your mouth THIS IS ASSAULT! This officer didn’t know he was being filmed...can you imagine how many other people he has assaulted and then sent to jail and added a resisting arrest charge? Every person he arrested and investigation should be done. This type of officer is the exact reason the police are a problem and those that protect these types of officers are a bigger problem. Is this officer still working? If the officer with him didn’t report what he did, SHE NEEDS TO GO TO. If we cannot expect integrity & justice from our Police Department… What is the purpose? #bullyinblue #bulliesinblue

We are unsure if this officer is still serving on the force.  He most defintely needs to be fired as needs a behavior health evaluation as well.  America should be very concerned about officers that behave this way when they think no one is looking.


Force is not something an officer an use just because you are mouthing off or because you ran and they have to catch you.  They are not allowed to assault you just because they are angry and just because they are the police.


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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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