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Julius Jones death sentence that was to take place today, Thursday, November 18, 2021 was commuted by Gov. Stitt out of Oklahoma after much national and international outcry. We heard of the case just Tuesday and was blown away with what we read.  Th

Anyone who has been paying attention has noticed that Delaware, particulary Wilmington, has been in the news a lot for the last couple of years.  When the death of George Floyd sparked a wave across the entire nation, it caused people to stand up for

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Have you heard the latest news about the new Pablo Picasso of our time? Well if you haven’t, his name is Tyler Gordon; a 12 year old artist from San Jose, CA, is a young talented wonder who truly loves what he does. Once you see his paintings you wou

K Walker who is originally from South Philly, but currently resides in Wilmington Delaware, is multi-faceted when it comes to Hip Hop. He is an artist, a music and movie producer and even has a line of clothing. How we first discovered K. Walker was

Hip Hop Humanism is hosting a contest. Here are the details of this contest.

1. First you must use the instrumental “Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep as your music:

2. Your submission should be two minutes or less.

3. Upload y

We are always on the look out for unsigned artist that keep the roots of Hip Hop but have their own style. When we saw that there was a young artist coined “The Solution” we were intrigued and hopeful. Why hopeful? Because too many are saying Hip Hop

When it comes to women doing things and making things happen Tia ‘Mz. Konnoisseur’ Hamilton is one of the ladies easily leading from the front. She is a true testament that when it comes to working for what you want you can reach your goals. She is a

Hello everyone.  It has been awhile since we have had the opportunity to put out an article, so we are very excited about this one.  We have been very busy during this time of silence, so let us tell you what we have been up to.

Hip Hop Humanism has

Since the month of August Hip Hop Humanism has been in full swing, giving back to the community. In the month of August we had our first annual Andre Sanders "We Teach Kids to FISH program that is a part of our Kid's Way Out Initiative we were able t
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August has been an excellent month for Hip Hop Humanism and for Hip Hop in general.  Firstly, we started off the month with MCA Day in Brooklyn NY.  Me and my assistant and guest, are still talking about it.  My assistant, who is also my sister and M

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If you have been paying attention you would have noticed that this month, we did not drop an “Artist of the Week” for the first week of August.  That is because the first week of August was dedicated to the great man Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch.  It is now time

This Hip Hop duo, Joc Scholar and Centric are out of California.  Their style is that welcomed familiar, but has a futuristic twist that makes them unique.  Starting independently, they came together in 2013 to form their group. They decided then to