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March 2018

March holds many gems that will not only become a part of Hip Hop history, but will also put you on to some hot and uncomming artists, as well as some people that are making major power moves in Hip Hop.  Here is a quick run down of what is to come in March.


The introduction of Female Women of Hip Hop movement.  This is going to be big and it is going to be a big part of Hip Hop history and preservation.  Not only will there be an event this year in September, but this powerhouse will be a union of  Hip Hop artistry of all kinds.  Here they will be able to go for connections, unity, help and everything related to the female influence in Hip Hop.  It will be as big as we make it.  This is a collab of Tia "Mz Konnoisseur" Hamilton of Un-Kut Sports Talk Radio and (just to name two) and Jay Rene of Hip Hop Humanism.  Be looking for more information on it, so you can be in the place to be come September and to become a member of an alliance. 

We have three artists this month that are just as fire as the previous Artist of the Weeks.  First up we have Amy Cinnamon a member of the Chuck D. artist collective MadUrgency.  She is a dope artist that creates Hip Hop images that are easy to identify as our favorite Hip Hop artist.  Her artwork is simple, yet mastered, as she easily creates artist such as Nas, Tupac and Ice Cub, just to name a few.  We look forward to sharing her work and her words.

We have a producer that is 13 years old that is making big waves with his beat productions.  His ability to mix and come up with beats is awe worthy.  Local legends are lining up to get a beat from this young man and the reason is crystal clear.  Though young, he is mature and mannerable.  He is motivated by the old school Hip Hop that his father introduced him to.  He is easily compeating with some producers now and if he stays on his current track, he is likely to become a well know producer of fresh new beats that have old school roots. He goes by Prod Rez.

 Last but not lease we have Tia Hamilton out of the Baltimore area she doesn’t produce her own music nor is she a freestyler, but what she does do is provide a place where hip-hop artist can come to showcase their talent. Her radio station which is available in 120 locations.  She also gives back to her community in major ways and is also a pivotal pioneer of Focused Women of Hip Hop with Jay Rene.

We look forward to introducing and re-introducing these awesome people who are a part of hip-hop history.

Hip Hop Humanism

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Written by:
Jay Rene @thejayrene

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